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‘The Start of Something’ – Celebrating Planit-IE’s 25th year


Narrative, Photography, Design


This one was pretty special. From the moment the first post-it note was stuck to the wall, until the final clear-up after the opening party, this journey was one we couldn’t have fully appreciated at the start. It’s been a roller-coaster, an eye-opener, a game-changer.

The Creative

Through a series of workshops, we worked with the Planit-IE team to determine the structure, the stories and the flow of the book. We then developed the art direction, wrote the book, designed the layouts and dealt with the printers. It was a true end-to-end project.

The stories

We’ve travelled the country in search of people, places and stories that all lead back to The Gatehouse. It’s been an absolute delight to document, spend time, and capture the story of this special place and meet a brilliant raft of people along the way.

"The With Love team helped us take what would have been a fairly standard documentary of a studio build and brought it to another level through words, photography and print."

Pete Swift,MD, Planit-IE

Spoilt for choice

We pride ourselves on capturing stories and from the individuals we visited to the people building the Gatehouse, we were truly spoilt with this one.

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