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A continued narrative for NOMA


Brand story, Film, Photography


NOMA isn’t just another development in another city. It is a unique collection of individuals and companies helping drive and grow this neighbourhood in Manchester. We’ve worked with the brand team on various projects, the latest being the ‘NOMA Place Film’. Over the space of a few months, we spent time with people that make this part of Manchester special and captured their story of NOMA.

"We’ve worked with the team at With Love for a number of years now to help develop the story of this part of manchester. They’ve helped us strategically think and develop the place narrative as well as execute a number of really well received films and photography projects."


A people focussed mini-series

Following on from the well-received place film, we developed a ‘With NOMA’ mini-series. The short films celebrate people who are doing great things ‘With NOMA’ as opposed to just being ‘in’ NOMA.

The story of Plant

Currently, no property developer in the UK employs a gardener. Over a three-year project, the NOMA team is changing that, to bring about abundance, to encourage interaction and to champion city re-enchantment. We’ve been working with the team at Plant NOMA to visually bring this story to life through brand narrative and ongoing photography work.

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