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Chef and Author

Gill Meller

Devon, England

Food & Drink


We arrive with kid goat meat from Just Kidding and Ewes’ clothbound cheese from Quicke’s, hoping that Gill can work his magic and create a dish for us. He knew we were coming of course, but didn’t know what we were bringing. He welcomes us, takes the ingredients and sets about making the dish.

Gill Meller is known for his time as head chef at River Cottage and now for his best-selling cookbook ‘Gather’. He invited us to visit his place in Devon and what a place… Set in the grounds of an old estate, Gill has transformed the old summer house. He has dug back into the hill and the building now nestles into the slope, to create a beautiful, clean and modest space housing a kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms. The kitchen is lit by sky-lights that punch up through the green roof above the dining table and this is where Gill starts to prepare lunch.

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